2018/02/26 07:10
No: 26938
by: Rachel
Freelance Japanese>English Translators in the field of Orthopedics/ Pediatrics/ Nursing
Crimson Interactive
Greetings from Ulatus!!

We have an urgent requirement for our ongoing project and in the search of Translators and Translator Checkers.

The project details are as follows:

Language pair – Japanese to English

Type of Document – Medicine - Orthopedics/ Pediatrics/ Nursing(Academic area)

Volume – Approx.1, 50,000 words

Eligibility and Skills:
1. Recognized graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education OR Recognized graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education with two years of full time experience in translation OR Five years of full time professional experience in translation.

2. Fluency in Target Language (English)

If you meet these criteria and are interest then will require you to complete our Recruitment Application form at this link - http://www.ulatus.com/translatorapplicationssl.htm


Write back to us with your updated resume in English at joinus@ulatus.com

About us: Ulatus is a leading translation and localization service provider,helps researchers, students,universities and large businesses communicate globally in the language of their target audience. Globalization is a fast moving phenomenon and this has increased the scope of translation and localization activity by manifold. We are confident that working with an ISO-17100 certified company will give you the opportunity to leverage your knowledge in a corporate setup and work with a dedicated, friendly, and interactive team.

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