2019/05/11 18:52
No: 27502
by: miyuki
Networking event in North York - May 23
The golden rule to make Canada your new home is to Volunteer in your sector or a cause you're passionate about.

Even if you've been living in Canada for a long time, Volunteering can open a lot of doors!

Volunteering helps you get acquainted with the work culture and you can have a chance to showcase your strengths to the organization you aspire to work in.
It also makes you much more organized in your job search and facilitates your settlement within the diverse community of Canada.

Our speaker Sukhjit Singh is an accomplished Career Development Professional and an avid volunteer. Being inspired by Volunteerism and becoming a passionate and proud Canadian. A strong supporter of social and civic inclusion for newcomers to Canada, he feels at volunteer work is not only a way to gain Canadian work experience, but it is the best way to participate in and learn about the new country as well.

Sukhjit recently published his first book “Same Shoes, Different Doors”. This book is chronological stories of his journey of struggle and success as a new immigrant in Canada. This year he has been awarded Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers, Canada's Top honor for Volunteerism administered by Governor General's office.

It will be an evening of interactive learning, and making authentic connections through meaningful networking.

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