On the Spot Language

Anesh Daya

On the Spot Language Directorで、Language teaching のスペシャリスト。10年以上の指導経験からこれまでになかった超画期的プログラムをあみ出し、業界に革命を起こす。
Get out and use your English!!





Lecture 14 Getting someone to show you directions with a mapNEW

Lecture 13 Talking about sports

Lecture 12 Telling someone where you are from and how long you have been here

Lecture 11 Getting more information about a place

Lecture 10 Going Shopping - Asking about a sale

Lecture 9 Ordering a beer (draught beer)

Lecture 8 Start a conversation with ACRONYMS

Lecture 7 Taking a picture with someone - 02

Lecture 6 Distance 1 - How long does it take to get there?

Lecture 5 Asking about a name

Lecture 4 Complimenting someone

Lecture 3 Being curious

Lecture 2 At a Restaurant

Lecture 1 Taking a Picture